About CPAlead Advertising Network

CPA Lead is a web and mobile PPC advertising network supplying CPA lead gen offers to Android & iOS Mobile Apps, Content Lockers, Websites, and media buyers. Publishers are invited to use our banner, native ads, interstitial, pop under, pop up, content locking, and other niche tools to monetize their website and desktop traffic. Thanks to our publisher's continued feedback, we became known as the advertising network that listens to our members by making their requests come to life. At any given time, our network is developing over 5 new features for mobile app advertisers, PPC media buyers, website publishers, and content locking publishers simultaneously.

Who We Are

We are a PPC and CPA advertising network that focuses on providing the most value POSSIBLE to our mobile and web publishers and advertisers. Our advertisers are continaully looking for high quality traffic and our members are continually looking for new advertisements and tools to monetize their traffic to it's fullest potential. Staying focused on providing both sides the best value possible, and creating an umatched synergy between the two, we were recognized as the #40th fastest growing company in America by INC 500.

How did we accomplish this goal? It was something we credited to our team's experience, talent, and our ability to engage our members and make your feedback an intergral part of the development process. Our members have always been able to spot bugs, point out weaknesses, and suggest features to help all of our members earn more.

Since 2006, we have amassed over 350,000 members and have paid out over $100,000,000 to our members. Our advertiser relationships have strengthened throughout time not just because of the traffic volume our members collectively provide our network, but also because our fraud detection tools continue to evolve further protecting our advertiser's budgets. We invite you to come join the CPAlead family and we promise you that you'll never find another PPC or CPA advertising network that works harder to earn you more from your PPC media buying, native ads, interstitial ads, pop under ads, banner ads, content lockers, mobile advertising, and lead generation efforts.

Weekly Payments

Our dedicated payment department only has one job and that is to make sure you get paid EVERY 7 days on time. We have never missed a payment and we never will.

Publisher Tools

We are always improving our banner ads, native ads, interstitial ads, pop under ads, content lockers, and offerwall technology for our publishers.


We have paid out over $100,000,000 to over 350,000 members in over 180 countries. We have also received many awards including INC 500.

Self Serve Advertising

Our self serve PPC and CPI advertising platform allows advertisers to start receiving quality traffic in as little as 1 hour.

Referral Program

Refer your friend and earn a 10% bonus from their earnings. We wouldn't be where we are today without the help of our members.

More Rewards

Not only will we pay you for your traffic, we will also reward you with trophies, medallions, iPads, T-shirts. Earning has never been so fun.